Materflora-Comércio de Flores e Plantas Artificiais Lda
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FlowerS Collection

Flowers are eternal and so is the inspiration that comes from them.
Essential for any décor, flowers can create and add a luxurious vibe to any interior space.
They can also add a romantic or fresh touch into any set. Our collection provides you with a wide range of flower, from the most discreet, to the most eccentric ones, allowing you to fulfill your dreams and create the most amazing spaces.


Floral art is an ancient activity that comes from the old Egypt, where flowers we used to adorn the most exclusive and luxurious spaces. With different combinations, textures and styles, flower bouquets can be a significant part of the interior design project, adding an extremely refined statement. In our Floral Couture Collection you can find a wonderful selection of tasteful arrangements that will bright up and complement your projects in the best way.


Create the most desirable natural spaces with our amazing artificial Trees.
A vast range of models from the most exotic and tropical trees to the most elegant and colourful species.


‘Blooming Walls’ is our expression for the finest gardens in a vertical way, made and designed,by Materflora. Following the wishes of every customer we are pleased to build an exquisite and unique piece of art always with high quality standards that makes every wall a branded custom shop garden.
Walls are alive with Materflora.