Floral art represents a significant added value in our company due to its creativity and excellence in execution. Since our producs are entirely designed by us, any combination of flowers is possible, as long as our clients want it to be. However, we also have standard floral arrangements, adequate for every occasion.

Crystal Clear


Leather Box



We are expertees in the execution and costumization of vertical gardens. Conceiding the wishes of every costumer, whether you wish to go all green or for a truly flowered wall, we can make it happen in the most elegant and professional way.
Walls are alive with Materflora.

SILK FlowerS

Let yourself be amazed by our wide range of colourful yet classy flowers.
Designed by us, these flowers have the unique characteristic of providing the costumer with an extremely real touch and an even more real look.


In our Trees Collection we offer five main species of trees: Tropical Trees, Olive Trees, Forest Trees, Asian Trees and French Gardens. We use natural trunks that may go as high as three meters. We are also accostumed to fabricate large sized trees for hotels and other costumized delivers.

French Gardens


Forest Trees


Tropical Trees